Digital Research Education

 Helping researchers conveniently access resources in one place.

The Digital Research Education (DRE) courses offered by CIDH are designed to help research investigators, study staff, and administrators leverage resources across the Mass General Brigham system to advance digital health research. The course makes it easier to understand the roles of various research support teams, the research tools available, and the processes that support digital health research to advance innovation across the system. MGB-affiliated researchers can conveniently access these resources in one place.   

   Click here to access the DRE resource guides accompanying the three-part classes (click on “Teams,” “Tools,” and “Process”).   

 The Division of Clinical Research (DCR) offers live classes seasonally. Class registration links will be updated below and circulated in the CIDH newsletter, Digital Health Digest. To sign up for the Digital Health Digest newsletter, please email Ali Chaffee (, Communications Officer.