MGPO Kitty Hawk Program

The mission of the MGPO Kitty Hawk is to reduce the administrative burden of clinicians and return them to the joy of safely taking care of patients. The program aims to apply technologies, processes and teams to support this mission. This multidisciplinary team works across clinical specialties and engages internal innovators as well as industry partners to solve some of the most pressing challenges that result in clinician burnout and poor provider and patient experience.


Jack Rowe, MD

Program Priorities

Create the health care practice environment of the future:

  • Implement virtual scribes
  • Implement virtual clinical assistants
  • Implement delegated clinical processes. These include pre visit clinical summaries, post visit clinical summaries, data abstraction, medical renewals and prior authorizations

Build A.I. solutions that match clinical workflow:

  • Automated coding, charge capture
  • Pre-emptive clinical decision support
  • Automated documentation

Implement human-centric technologies in the clinical setting:

  • Mobile devices optimized for clinical workflow
  • Augmented reality
  • Wearable, ambient and other hands-free solutions