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Industry Collaboration to advance pain management: Fern Health

Validating and piloting emerging products in a clinical setting to identify new scientific approaches to pain management.


Fern Health, a digital health company pioneering virtual chronic pain programs, is collaborating with Massachusetts General Hospital and CIDH to build, validate, pilot, and launch new product offerings in a clinical and occupational setting based on proven scientific approaches to pain management.

Fern’s current product, an evidence-based, digitally delivered pain management program combined with one-on-one pain coaching, was initially developed with experts from Mass General, in consultation with clinical collaborators at Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. The biopsychosocial approach employed by Fern’s chronic pain management solution was validated with the clinical rigor of MGH’s renowned hospital-based research enterprise.

Mass General clinicians and subject matter experts continue to work with Fern to develop new pathways to enhance the company’s offerings. This includes the creation of sleep and nutrition-based content and evolving the product to support patients suffering from musculoskeletal (MSK) pain, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Headaches, and pain from Long Covid. 

MGH innovators who have supported Fern Health include co-Medical Advisors Mihir Kamdar, MD, and Max Hsia-Kiung, MD, sleep specialist Kate Brizzi, MD, Conor O’Brien from CIDH, and Amy Newhouse, MD, who leads the development of Fern’s Long Covid clinical pathway. 

Watch a short video about Fern Health’s digital chronic pain solution here.