Launching the New Digital Research Education

Aug 29, 2022 | News

Our team at CIDH designed the Digital Research Education (DRE) to help research investigators, study staff, and administrators leverage resources across Mass General Brigham to further digital health research. DRE aims to improve accessibility to Mass General Brigham’s plentiful resources by making it easier to understand the roles of various departments that support digital health research. Researchers will now be able to conveniently access these resources in one place.

The three-part education series will take place in February and March 2023. Participants will receive access to helpful tools and learn about the steps of research, from scoping projects to creating protocols to implementation and execution.

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DRE Course Summary

Digital Research Education: Digital Health Research Development Process at MGH/MGB

March 15, 2023 12:00 PM

Speaker: Conor O’Brien, Program Manager, Research and Innovation, MGH Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare (CIDH)

Sponsored by the MGH Center for Clinical Research Education and the Center for Innovation in Digital Healthcare.

For research investigators, and study staff, this course will help you better understand the process to plan and implement a digital health research project at MGB. The final course in the three-part Digital Research Education series is focusing on the Digital Health Research Development Process at MGH/MGB. Providing a roadmap to help you navigate the hospital’s research support structure and understand the regulations and procedures involved. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a comprehensive guide of the research steps involved, including topics such as Project Development, Contracts and Agreements, IRB and Data Security Review, and Project Implementation. This course was developed by the Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare (CIDH).

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Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare

Founded in 2018, CIDH serves as a catalyst to promote the entrepreneurial and research-minded digital health ecosystem at Massachusetts General Hospital. It provides operational and advisory support to internal innovators and outside industries seeking to collaborate on digital health initiatives.

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